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Henna is a beautiful and relaxing way to celebrate your pregnancy. Most moms to be choose to come into the studio during the last month of their pregnancy and relax in the pink chair while I apply their henna. You may bring a friend or relative if you would like, or if you want a larger design or would like me to be a part of your shower or blessingway, I can come to you (standard party rates and travel fees apply). I make a special henna paste for pregnancy that uses henna leaves, sugar, lemon juice, and lavender essential oil. The stain will not be as dark as it is on the hands and feet because the skin on the belly is thinner, but you will have a light brown stain. Most prenatal henna takes 1 to 2 hours depending on the design, and I seal it with a hypo-allergenic surgical tape to hold the paste in place while you go about your day.

Contact me to plan your unique prenatal henna design.

Henna for pregnancy at niad

Flower belly
Flowers Stain
Flower Mandala with Paste
Henna Belly
Koi Fish Belly
Mandala with Paste
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