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About Jaidra

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Dance has been the vehicle through which I have found healing and a healthier more fulfilling relationship with my body.



Niad, Naturally Inspired Art and Design, is the visual arts and dance business of Greenville artist, Jaidra DuRant. A South Carolina native, Jaidra grew up roaming through the oak-hickory forests of the piedmont, splashing barefoot through the waves and marshes of the coast and camping in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains. She received her BS in Biology from the University of South Carolina, studied Entomology at UC Riverside, and completed her Master's Degree in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development from the University of Georgia. Steeped in the sciences of the natural world, Jaidra spent most of her free time creating art and exploring her body's natural movements. Niad combines Jaidra's love of science and nature with her passion for art and movement.


Jaidra has studied and worked in the arts of henna, stained glass, silk painting, charcoal, ceramics, mixed media, wire wrapping, illustration, writing, music, acrylic painting, theatre, and dance for most of her life. Her current focus is transnational and theatrical fusion MENAHT inspired dance, exploring ways to incorporate multiple movement styles, storytelling, and visual imagery into single pieces of visual or performance art, and acrylic painting.


Inspiration is everywhere. Jaidra has termed her design philosophy "intricate simplicity." Her pieces draw on her experiences as a dancer, hiker, ecologist, henna artist, and amateur nature photographer. She loves to create art that is rich in detail and reflects her deep and abiding love of nature and boundless curiosity. 

When not creating visual arts, Jaidra is working in the dance studio as the director of Greenville's premiere fusion dance performance troupe, niad dance company, teaching or creating movement art. Jaidra's dance training spans many styles and regions of the world, primarily MENAHT dance and flow arts. Her fascination with large dangerous objects and off beat music combine with her background in theatre to create her unique style of dance that often features swords, fire, and intensely engaging imagery.


Finding belly dance was a life altering and healing experience for Jaidra. As an instructor, Jaidra hopes to bring the joy of transnational and theatrical fusion belly dance to others. Whether you're searching for a fun exercise, an expressive art form, or just an enjoyable hour in which to move, Jaidra would love to introduce you to the world of fusion dance.


Currently, the Niad studio is located in building 1 of the Greenville Trade Park at 1801 Rutherford Rd in Greenville, SC and is open by appointment. Contact Jaidra to set up an appointment.


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