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Multi-Week Session Dance Classes

Session classes run for an hour a week for 6 to 8 weeks. If you miss a class, you may still come and finish your session, but no make-ups are available unless the instructor cancels a class. Session costs vary depending on location and length of session. 

Sessions stay open through the second week of class and then close to new students. We teach in sessions because most classes build weekly on the technique and artistry learned the week before. You will get the most out of a class by committing to a whole session. Some classes do allow drop-ins, as indicated in the class description, but studio policy requires a session to have 5 registered students in order to hold that session. Drop-in rate is $20 per class unless otherwise noted.

Upcoming session classes and special events full details and registration below.

Unlimited movement classes

For the dance student who wants more, we offer an unlimited class pass at $150 per month. Unlimited passes allow you to take any dance sessions and drop-in classes. Workshops with Jaidra and movement clinics are not included but are available to unlimited students at a discounted rate.

Class locations vary and are listed along with the start date for upcoming sessions


Upcoming Sessions

class schedule

Multi-week dance sessions

While we are searching for a new permanent home for niad, classes are ongoing at various locations across the upstate. Stay informed through FB and our newsletter, and check back to see new classes as we schedule them.

*classes appropriate for beginners

Where not otherwise noted, Jaidra will be the primary instructor for classes.


 2024 session classes

7 week sessions

Starting May 6 and 7th  at Veracity Fitness, 1616 Woodruff Rd, Greenville, SC 

  • Mondays:

    • Bellydance 101 at 6:30PM*​

    • Bellydance 102 Technique 7:30PM

    • All level Fan Veil Technique

  • Tuesdays:

    • Dance Conditioning at 6:30*

    • 300 lvl tech: overshimmies, layered travel, and upper body focus for intermediate to advanced dancers

    • 204 fusion choreography

Classes are 1 hour each. 7 week sessions are $98. Register through our square site

Bellydance Basics at Senior Action

Will Resume in June on Tuesdays at 10AM

Details and Registration through Senior Action for dancers 55 and up.

Special Events/Workshops

Technique Tune-Up

Sundays in February and March: What are these workshops all about? I specifically chose topics that all dancers of all styles can utilize at all levels. These workshops are geared towards continuing to advanced dancers, but anyone can benefit. We will be digging into foundational posture and technique and building up to layered movement with lots of options for expression and modification.


All workshops will take place from 3-5PM at the Bright Eyes Bellydance Studio upstairs at 114 W. Poinsett St, Greer SC. You can park at the Truist Bank and enter through the side of the building, up the stairs.


Feb 11: Traveling Shimmies. We will start by breaking down a handful of shimmy technique, from hip shimmies to single leg, vibrational, twist, and more. Next, we will add weight shift drills to build into what it will feel like to travel with various types of shimmies. Then, we dance around the room. I will be breaking down variations of travelling 3/4 shimmies, choo-choos, vibrational, twisting, pelvic, and more ways to move the hips over the feet. I promise you will leave feeling ready to tackle and improve all the shimmies in your private practice! Dance shoes and water highly recommended.


Feb 18: Spins and Turns. Heavily reliant on posture, we will build from the ground up, starting with where your weight centers and how our feet feel into slow and progressively faster turns. Traveling turns, crossover turns, paddle turns, flat footed spins, weight shift turns, prop style barrel rolls, and more. I will cover external and internal spotting technique, arm placement, and more. Feel more stable and ready to spin into your next dance routine! Dance shoes highly recommended.


Feb 25: Belly Rolls, Undulations, and Body Waves. Let’s get into that core! We will start this class with exercises designed to strengthen and lengthen the core and spine so that your body is ready to roll. Ab isolation, spinal movement, pelvic rolls, weight shifts, and more will be covered. We will work on belly rolls, sneaky walks, up to down and down to up undulations, camels, side winders, and more. By the end of this workshop, you will have a wide variety of tools to incorporate into your dance to slink and slither across the dance floor!


March 3: Elegant Arms and Hands. From the shoulders to the finger tips, our arms are the beautiful frame and extension of our dance expression. This workshop will start with a deep dive into arm and hand positioning from the center of the body outward. We will cover planes, frames, rotations, and more for beautiful and elegant lines. Then, moving into articulation of the joints, expect to work on arm waves, snake arms, finger rolls, windows, hand flowers and more. We will layer these concepts across the floor so that you are ready to incorporate all of it into your own personal style.


Individual workshops are $45 each. All workshops for $160.

Community Classes

Funded by the Hello Beautiful Movement Arts Showcase silent auction and by donations in Jaidra's sliding scale classes, the community class program seeks to make dance accessible to anyone, regardless of your financial status. 

We are currently working to get more options for community classes on the schedule.

learn more about the community class program

We have new studio safety protocols in place. 

  • All classes max 14 students. Pre-registration required to save a space. 

  • Masks are not required, but welcome if you have been ill or exposed to others who are sick. Please take care of yourself and others.

  • Please bring your own water. 

  • If your instructor gets sick, class will pause or be taught by a substitute until clear. If we must pause classes due to illness, a make-up week will be added at the end of the session.

We thank you for your patience, understanding, and support!

Photo by Michael Lamb Photography Jaidra

Dance Assessments:

Where are you in your dance journey? How do you get to the next level? What areas of your technique would benefit from some focused practice? With over 16 years of teaching experience in transnational fusion dance, Jaidra will help you with a focused and tailored assessment of your current skills. The focus of your assessment can be technical skills, choreography, improvisation, or a mix. Assessments take place as private lessons and you take home a detailed report including recommendations for moving forward in your dance journey.

Contact Jaidra for information and to schedule your assessment

Jaidra offers private and semi-private instruction and dance coaching. Please email me for more information and to set up a consultation.

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