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Jaidra DuRant
Dance Resume


Professional visual and dance performance artist and instructor specializing in theatrical and expressive transnational fusion dance, flow arts, and prop work.

Niad Studio Owner, Director Niad Dance Company                                    Greenville, SC        2017-present

  • Develops and teaches more than 14 regular weekly classes in transnational fusion dance, flow arts, and special topics for all levels of dancers at the niad dance studio

  • Hosts educational and community events

  • Directs, manages, and choreographs for Niad Dance Company, Niad Dance Student Troupe, and the Niad Apprenticeship program

  • Produces the Niad Annual Student Showcase and other performances focused on providing dancers at the niad studio with regular performance opportunities

  • Performs regularly with Niad Dance Company, Niad Student Troupe, and as a solo artist across the South East


Teaching Experience

Independent Contractor                                                                                    Greenville, SC       2011-2017

  • Holds weekly classes for multiple levels of belly dance and special topics (Poi, Movement Meditation, Sword Dance, and more) at niad studio

    • Regular instructor at Equilibrium Zen Gym and Maya Movement

    • Regular guest workshop instructor at Bella Dance (Spartanburg), Maya Movement, and TPA (Greenville) for special topics such as Fusion Belly Dance, Floor Work, Theatrical Dance, Sword Dance, and Poi Spinning

    • Guest instructor for Wofford College (interim Bellydance Introduction Class)

                                                                                                                  Athens, GA            2007-2010
  • Instructor for regular class sessions in multiple levels of belly dance and special topics such as Movement Meditation, Fire Props, and Poi Spinning at Floorspace, The University of Georgia’s Continuing Education Center, and the UGA Belly Dance Club


Performance and Production Experience

Discordia Arts                                                                                                       Greenville, SC       2011-2017

  • Co-director, choreographer, and featured performing artist for Discordia Arts, a theatrical fusion dance and performance production team

  • Featured dancer, fire performer, and shadow dancer with Wasted Wine and Discordia Arts at major festivals and shows, appearing in multiple music videos

  • Solo performance belly dance and fire artist at birthday parties, corporate events, anniversaries, local charity events, haflas, regional and local curated belly dance shows

  • Host, curator, and co-producer of Discordia Arts monthly “Evening of Music and Dance” shows featuring collaboration between professional belly dance artists and live musicians

  • Host and co-producer of annual student showcase

  • Visual performance lead for major shows including Vulcanalia at the Artistry and Curiosities at the Ward

  • Costume creation, makeup artist, and production management for shows


Thee Inner Cirkus                                                                                                 Greenville, SC       2010-2011

  • Featured belly dance and fire performer at festivals, parties, and shows

  • Production manager, costume curator, and stage manager for circus and sideshow style group performances


Troupe Sulukule                                                                                                   Athens, GA            2006-2010

  • Pinciple dancer and choreographer for Troupe Sulukule, Athens Georgia’s folkloric fusion dance troupe

  • Host of monthly shows for the UGA bellydance club

  • UGA Bellydance club president (2007-2008)


Props and Skills

  • Belly dance props: sword, veil, fan veil, zills, cane, balancing tray, baskets, Isis wings, skirt dance

  • Transnational dance styles: ATS, Fusion, Bollywood, Saiidi, Turkish Romany, American Oriental Fusion

  • Fire props: staff, fans, belt, poi, double staff, palms, dragon staff

  • Other:  Troupe and Solo Choreography, Marketing, Show hosting and MC, Website Development, Social Media, Costuming design and construction

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