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welcome to niad

Upstate SC's home for theatrical and transcultural fusion dance

The niad instructors work to create a welcoming and engaging environment where absolutely anybody can come and dance. From absolute beginner to professional level continuing education and private dance mentorship, we would love to work with you to guide your dance journey!

Our focus is transcultural and theatrical fusion belly dance, and we offer multiple styles within the MENAHT and world dance umbrella, flow arts, expressive, and meditative dance.


Make your event amazing with Jaidra of niad dance company, the niad dance company student troupe, fire performances, and more! We partner with an incredible group of dancers, artists, and musicians and have multiple packages to meet your needs! 

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Events hosted by niad happen around the upstate are all about art and community! We believe that art should be a joyous and constant part of life, and we seek to develop many opportunities for immersive art experiences. Sliding scale community classes, haflas, creativity salons, professional and student level shows, workshops, and more are an important part of the niad mission. Join us!

Stay informed about all the fun at niad!

our mission

naturally inspired art & dance

Originally conceived as a home for the art and dance of Jaidra DuRant, niad has become so much more. We strive to make a space where art is truly available for all to experience. Through sliding scale community classes, inclusive and open performances, creativity salons, and our apprentice troupe, we are working to make visual arts, dance, music, and creativity an accessible part of the everyday life of anyone in our community.

Niad is not confined to a single space. Rather, we teach, perform, and host events across the upstate and beyond. Join our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay up to date!

The Art of Jaidra DuRant

The naturally inspired art of Jaidra DuRant is still an important piece of the niad story. Jaidra is a multi-disciplinary artist whose current primary focus is transnational fusion dance and acrylic painting. 

Prints of Jaidra's work are available through her FAA profile. Originals are at the studio, open by appointment


a virtual visit to the niad studio

Jaidra of niad dance company

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