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What is in henna paste?


Henna at Niad is made by hand using only fresh natural ingredients that include powdered henna leaves, lemon juice, sugar, and essential oils. I use a cajeput and orange oil blend for most of my henna. For pregnant women I use lavender oil, as it is the only essential oil completely safe for pregnancy.


If you have a sensitivity to citrus, let me know when you book your appointment, and I will make henna paste for your appointment with only water and lavender oil.


Here are a few of the frequently asked questions that I often hear. If you have any others, please contact me.




Is henna black?


The stain from natural henna is not black. It will be orangish when the paste is first removed, and will darken to brown or reddish brown over the course of 2-3 days. When you look at my photos and see a design that looks black and raised, that is the henna paste still on the skin and not the actual henna stain.

"Black henna" is the result of chemicals such as PPD added to henna. I DO NOT use black henna, as it can cause scarring and liver damage.


What are your prices?


The price for henna at Niad can vary widely and is mainly based on the size and intricacy of the design you choose. I have a book of designs for festivals and parties with designs starting at $5 and going up.


My hourly rate is $75/hour for large pieces and parties at the studio. Parties or events at your venue or home are $100/hr with a minimum of 2 hours. Private in studio appointments have a minimum of 30 minutes ($40). I am available by appointment or you can drop-in when I will be in the studio for events such as First Fridays from 6-9pm. Follow the Niad Facebook page to stay informed of events and festivals where I will be available for smaller work.


What about parties?


Henna is great for parties! I will come to you for a 2 hour minimum if you are located within 15 miles of Greenville, SC. If you are further away, I require a travel fee in addition to my hourly rate. Henna is perfect for birthday parties, ladies nights out, baby showers, corporate events, graduation parties, prom, or just about any event.  I will bring my design books and will henna as many people as I can get to for the amount of time you hire me for.


What are your hours?


I am open by appointment only. Contact me in order to visit the studio or arrange a party.

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